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February 2015

Thank you for supporting the Food Bank!

Hello everyone, we had such an exciting wejump2it kelowna community foodbank fundraiser donationek last week here at Jump2It! This was one of my most memorable weeks since I was a little joey! The people who work for me (I’m giggling, because they tell everyone that they own me… but just ask anyone who’s got a kangaroo, you don’t own a kangaroo, it owns you) ran a huge fundraiser for the Kelowna Community Food Bank as part of our 1st anniversary celebration. With all the generous donations that were coming in, they were able to collect over ten bins full of food and $288.55 in cash donations! Way to go Jump2It jumpers!!

After that it was on to Family Day this past weekend, and wow, it was soooooo fun here I almost fell off my perch in the entrance area where I like to sit most days. It’s not easy just greeting everyone as they come in when I’d really much rather play on the huge slide (but I don’t want to scare the little kids with my big tail)! Thanks everyone for making this week such a great success, I can’t wait to see what the next week brings.

See you all on the jump side,






Jump2It Indoor Playground is located at the corner of Spall & Springfield in Kelowna and is entirely made out of gigantic, inflatable bouncers. Our family fun centre offers drop-in play times for children and toddlers, kids birthday parties and facility rentals for special events.