Get the inside scoop on what's happening at Jump2It from our bouncing reporter Jumpy
February 2015

Why I Play Past My Bedtime

Hi Jumpers and Bouncers, where do I start?

We’ve had so much fun doing parties again I can’t believe just how much better they keep getting. My owners have had lots of private party rentals as well that have kept me up way past my bed time. Good times that just keep on through the evening!

Oh ya, I almost forgot, one of the surprises I was waiting to announce is that we ordered a bunch of new toddler equipment which will finally make us ” The” best toddler place in town has arrived and will be making its appearance this weekend once it’s ready for install. It’s going to be great fun for our youngest guests. It’s going to make a lot of moms and dads happy and add great value to your Jump2It visit!

I have a lot more secrets to share… but not right now. You know, a kangaroo never tells, or is it a koala bear that never tells? Hmmm, I can’t remember. It must be all these late nights with all these private parties (I love staying up late!!)!

Until next time, in the words of Van Halen, Jump!!






Jump2It Indoor Playground is located at the corner of Spall & Springfield in Kelowna and is entirely made out of gigantic, inflatable bouncers. Our family fun centre offers drop-in play times for children and toddlers, kids birthday parties, baby showers and facility rentals for special events.