Get the inside scoop on what's happening at Jump2It from our bouncing reporter Jumpy
March 2015

Have you seen the Castle Room Yet?

jump2it castle kids birthday party room

Hi everyone, so much for me to say, so little time; so let’s jump right in… shall we?

By now I’m sure everyone has seen or heard about our newest birthday party room “the castle room”. If you haven’t, then you must be living under a draw bridge or something!  It’s fantastic and is being called the best birthday party room in Kelowna …… or is it? Well, I just happen to know that we are planning another amazing transformation to one of our other 2 private birthday party rooms that will keep Jump2It as the very best place in Kelowna to have a kids birthday party (in true kangaroo fashion we’re always looking to kick it up another notch)!

I have another surprise I’d love to share, but can’t just yet (I promised to keep the secret for now). But I can give you a hint: Jump2It has a truck on its way here carrying something very, very exciting. So exciting even the most unhoppy jumper will smile!! Stay tuned if you want to know more!

Until then, keep your kangaroo jackets on, it’s still winter believe it or not and do some jumping jacks to stay warm if you get cold.

Your friendly neighborhood hopper,






Jump2It Indoor Playground is located at the corner of Spall & Springfield in Kelowna and is entirely made out of gigantic, inflatable bouncers. Our family fun centre offers drop-in play times for children and toddlers, kids birthday parties, baby showers and facility rentals for special events.