Get the inside scoop on what's happening at Jump2It from our bouncing reporter Jumpy
March 2015

St. Patrick’s Day a Green Hit at Jump2It

Hello everyone, Jumpy here.

So what a St. Patrick’s day it was yesterday. I think ever kid under 9 in Kelowna was here yesterday! We had our annual “get in for $5 if you’re wearing green” day – so from up where I sit it looked like a rain forest in Ireland!

For those who haven’t had a chance to go green at Jump2It recently, you really must come down and check out our new layout and re-introduction to new inflatables at “Jump Land” as I like to call it.

We had some just hopperific private parties this last weekend too. They were so fun we just lost track of time and stayed way over time. After the party I was so tired from sliding and jumping and hungry, we all decided to go out and grab some food at my favorite restaurant… iHop of course.

Hop on down tomorrow and come play with us,






Jump2It Indoor Playground is located at the corner of Spall & Springfield in Kelowna and is entirely made out of gigantic, inflatable bouncers. Our family fun centre offers drop-in play times for children and toddlers, kids birthday parties, baby showers and facility rentals for special events.