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March 2015

One little boy made my day!

Hello all my Happy Jumpers,

I’m back to share my hoppy thoughts. I had such a great day yesterday, all because of one little boy. I was feeling a little down for some reason, a bit unhoppy, when a family came in and I overheard this excited boy say to his mom and dad “oh, thank you mom and dad for bringing me to Jump2It, I love you”. (true story!) This moment raised my spirits so high I almost jumped right down off my perch and hugged that little boy! Too bad I’m tethered down so I don’t fall while I sleep!

Remember that surprise I mentioned to you a couple of weeks ago? It’s almost here. I’m going to be sending my Roo Crew down next week to pick it up at a big warehouse where it’s waiting for us… so stay tuned for the big, fun exciting news! All I can tell you is that this surprise will make mom and dad want to book a birthday party at Jump2It even if no one is having a birthday.

Speaking of parties, we have recently had folks book our facility to hold block parties! Hopperrific! What a great idea – have a big pot luck dinner, everyone brings a dish and the kids play in Kelowna’s funnest and safest indoor play centre (and of course we take care of all the clean-up afterwards!). How awesome is that?! I wish I would have thought of that!

Well, every one, jump safe and hop along until next week!







Jump2It Indoor Playground is located at the corner of Spall & Springfield in Kelowna and is entirely made out of gigantic, inflatable bouncers. Our family fun centre offers drop-in play times for children and toddlers, kids birthday parties, baby showers and facility rentals for special events.