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Get the inside scoop on what's happening at Jump2It from our bouncing reporter Jumpy
March 2020


Greetings all, first I’d like thank all who participated in the Jump2It fundraiser for Elara. It was really great to see how the community showed that they care about others and are willing to help.

Everyone needs to remember that one everyone needs help from another, and Kelowna showed that on February 6th.

Now for today’s topic,

Encouragement verses pushing our kids.

While it is our duty as a parent to search for your child’s talent, we must be cautious not to push our kids into our interests , we must help them discover their own.

Yes, it’s important, especially at a young age, to enroll our kids in many activities so that they will start to show interest in sports, music or art.

That way we can help them through encouragement as well as programs to see where they may be able to develop their talents.

And remember, everyone, including children have a talent that sets them apart from others.

Why is it so important to find these talents and skills?

Simple, because it builds confidence.

Confidence will give anyone a much better chance at avoiding mistakes in their life.

Lack of confidence comes from lack of competence and can lead to lazy behavior .

All because the child’s skill has not yet been uncovered.

Then the lazy behavior is a result of a fear of failure.

When children have developed their talent or skills, confidence grows.

It grows into all aspects of their lives and allows them to attempt other activities that the child may have otherwise felt they were weak.

Fear of failure will disappear.

Now on the other hand, if your child doesn’t find and develop an area of positive competence, they will find something that is an area of negative competence.

Playing endless hours of video games or surfing the internet or just watching hours of TV become life wasting activities.

To start this quest for finding a healthy pursuit for you child, begin by instilling consistent confidence that your child has a special ability, even if you haven’t found it yet.

Once you’ve noticed that your child has found an area of interest and enjoyment, you may at times, have to push some to get them to a practice or game etc that they just don’t feel like going to.

Commitment to the activity is also very important.

It is really unacceptable to allow a child to come home from school and allow them to do nothing but watch TV or just goof off without any structure.

Kids will then become like slugs and slugs will find other slugs and this is a recipe for trouble.

So in conclusion, encourage and support your child into positive activities that are of interest and ability to your child.

Get family and friends involved by asking them to also encourage your child in their chosen activities.

This is a great way to help your child as they grow and face other challenges as they become adults.

And remember, it’s always about the kids.

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